Used Cars and Going Green

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There is a big concern nowadays about going green; taking care of the environment. One of the biggest forms of pollution is cars mainly because there are so many of them. Poisonous of cars are running the entire day, every day of the year. Some cars are newer and have better controls built in so they run cleaner and get better millage. However plenty of cars are still earliest pens and run poorly.

I'm sure many people would love to customize the car but a lot of times they aren't affordable. Newer cars might be expensive. Newer 'green' cars such as hybrids and gas cars tend to be more expensive than your average base model car. What / things a person do to drive a more modern car, get better millage, help reduce pollution, and save money?

One answer, truth be told, is to get a used car from a bidding. Government auctions happen constantly and are a great place to find used vehicles. These used cars for auction are not your run down old junkers. No, they instead are usually newer cars usually from the inside of the past 10 years or fewer.

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You might think that's still a lttle bit old. Not all old cars are that bad. Within the last 10 years or so regulations are already put in place to control emissions and obtain better gas millage. Some car manufacturers like Toyota or Honda have already been doing this all along in spite of laws. For example I drive 12 months 2000 honda civic. It isn't the pinnacle of 'green' technology but think for this I get around 25-30mpg. This car has become 9 years old. Many cars today can simply match that, and some can't even reach that high of millage.

It also has always passed California smog check and emission checks. California is notorious for the strict emission control standards. Therefore if it can pass those tests it's a good, clean running car. And since the car is quite a couple of years old it's not going to be everything expensive, especially if its purchased at an auction where you say just how much you're willing to buy it for.

The available varieties of cars at an auction will very. No particular car is certain to be there because based on the auction, the cars should come from various places. Government departments, like police or FBI, auctions is certain to get their cars from law enforcement officials related deals like impounds or seizures, and other places. Government auctions sometimes are derived from selling old government vehicles.

Bank related auctions obtain properties from repossessions. Hence the places the property comes from will vary and thus the choices will vary. However due to websites like the one promoted here you can sign up and research what auctions can be purchased, where and when they will happen, and you can browse the available stock to determine what types of cars there are. Then you pick a few, go to the auction and check them out, then bid your price on them.

The beauty of buying within an auction is the prices. Quite often cars are sold for half their blue book value, and even less. The process to purchase from an auction is much more involved, but to avoid wasting that much money is definitely worth the time and effort. So buying an old car can be economic improving your premiums in both costs and gas, also it can help the environment as well. Good luck with your auction pursuits!